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The Passion That Drives the Vision

With the widespread epidemic of lost pets in the city of Dallas, the question was proposed, “What can we do to help lost pet on the streets be reunited with their owners?” This question resonates beyond our own backyard.

Pin Paws was developed in 2017 as a functional solution to help owners “pin” down their lost pet’s “paws”. Originating with the dynamic tag development, Pin Paws has since grown into a multi-optional pet health solution, offering owners ways to protect the longevity and quality of life of their pets. We have leveed ourselves in the pet health market with our ability to offer a bundled discount membership and unique pet insurance.

The building block of our team consists of pet lovers who work to master the most efficient and educational ways for pet owners and their pets to benefit from our services. Our owner Jami Lovejoy is a master in web development, graphic design and UX, leading the force in assembling the functionality behind each product we offer.

Operating from our home office in Addison, TX, our Pin Paws team collaborates together to make sure our customers have a purrfect experience. From web development to content curation, customer service, marketing and product fulfillment, we bring the passion that drives our vision every day.

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Paw Friendly Advice

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At Pin Paws, we work diligently to keep our pet parents engaged as responsible owners. We provide information and education through our blog posts to sustain and improve the health of the pets we serve.

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