Man and Woman walking a large black and white dog with a green leash on a trail

With summer’s heat in full swing, it’s the perfect time to plan for cooler fall days outdoors with our furry companions. Here’s a look at Dallas’s top 4 on-leash dog-friendly trails, ensuring you’re prepared for enjoyable outdoor adventures.

1. Addison Circle Park

Located at 3799 Sydney Drive, Addison Circle Park was Addison’s inaugural park, unveiled in 1980. It features a half-mile lighted loop jogging trail, park benches, on-street parking, and pet waste dispensers, making it ideal for short walks with Fido in a pleasant neighborhood setting.

2. White Rock Lake Park

As states, White Rock Lake Park is the longest and most utilized trail in North Texas, stretching a total of 17.1 miles. With various access points around White Rock Lake, it’s a dog-friendly and safe location for on-leash walks, including a swimming area for dogs.

3. Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

Situated at 7171 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX 75249, Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve offers an immersive hiking experience through the woods with a lookout over Joe Pool Lake. The preserve spans over 600 acres and features 9 miles of trails catering to all skill levels, ensuring a fulfilling hike for you and your dog.

4. Turtle Creek Leisure Trail

For a quieter, 2-mile hike, Turtle Creek Leisure Trail is an excellent choice for dog owners, thanks to its light pedestrian traffic. The trail, located at 2222 N. Prairie Creek Road, Dallas, TX 75219, begins at Reverchon Park and is suitable for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding all year round.

Note: It’s advisable to avoid Boulder Park Trail for dog walking due to heavy bike traffic, as reported by members on, posing safety concerns for pets.

Exploring these trails offers a great opportunity to enjoy Dallas’s natural beauty while ensuring a fun and safe experience for you and your leashed dog.

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