What is pet insurance?

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Much like health insurance for people, pet insurance helps shoulder the monetary burden that keeps your dogs and cats happy and healthy. Since they're also members of the family, you want to provide them with the best care available when they become sick or hurt. As anyone who has ever had a kitten that swallowed a [...]

What is covered?

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PetFirst covers veterinary costs that arise from your pet becoming sick or injured. With our flexible plan coverage and unlimited lifetime benefits, we're ready to cover almost anything unexpected that happens to your pet. We cover both accidents and illnesses, as well as hereditary, chronic, and congenital conditions. Accident and illness coverage covers diagnostic [...]

Are hereditary and congenital conditions covered?

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Yes. When your pet is insured with a PetFirst pet insurance policy, they will have continuous coverage of any hereditary and congenital conditions that manifested in a previous policy year.  If a hereditary, congenital, or chronic condition and/or its symptoms are noted by your veterinarian before your enrollment, they are considered pre-existing and will not be covered [...]

Do you cover hip dysplasia?

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Our priority is to offer you the best pet medical insurance for your needs, so we include coverage for hip dysplasia on our pet insurance plans. Like any other health problem your pet may encounter, hip dysplasia is subject to our 14-day illness waiting period. Unfortunately, if symptoms of hip dysplasia are in your pet's [...]

We have more than one pet. Do you offer a multi-pet discount?

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Absolutely! PetFirst's Pet Insurance Plans are designed for your multi-animal household. With this option, you can insure up to three pets under the age of ten with one plan for a fraction of the cost of insuring them individually. Our multi-pet policyholders save an average of 30% compared to maintaining separate individual policies for [...]

What is not covered?

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Since PetFirst is designed to cover unexpected veterinary costs, our pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or routine/preventive care. However, coverage for routine/preventative care can be added to any of our plans by attaching our routine care rider to the policy. Here's what isn't covered: routine exams vaccines titer testing flea, tick and heartworm medications [...]

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