How Exactly Does Pin Paws Work?

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Pin Paws is a simple, yet innovative way to keep track of your pet.

Step 1 – The Tag

The first step is to purchase the tag.  Indulge in a variety of different colors to match your taste and your pets’ personality of course.  You can then login to your account and begin inputting all your pet’s information from emergency contacts to medical conditions.

Step 2 – Know your pets’ safe and secure

If the worst happens and your pet goes missing they can safely be identified as yours. Their profile (which you have created on their behalf) can be found and accessed by scanning, typing or calling the number on their tag – easy!  This means you can be notified as quickly as possible.  The efficiency of this product means you spend less time worrying!

Step 3 – SMS Notification

When the missing pet’s profile is accessed you, the owner, will be notified via SMS with the geographical location– everything you need to get to your four-legged friend as quickly as possible!