Introducing Pin Paws Plus: A Bundle of Pet Health Benefits

Pet health benefits are beginning to create a wave with more and more people becoming pet owners. According to the APPA, pet ownership statistics for 2017-2018 report that 68% of U.S households include pets, which equates to 84.6 million homes. During this time, Americans spent $69.5 billion on their pets. Of this mind-blowing dollar amount, $18.26 billion was spent on vet care. We have created an affordable pet plan which includes a bundle of various pet health benefits and discount services to assist in alleviating the heavy burden veterinary bills may bring upon owners.


Introducing Pin Paws Plus. Our bundled pet health benefits product includes Pin Paws, Pet Assure, whiskerDocs and Pin Paws Rx.


Pin Paws is composed of two features: PetCLOUDand PawPinner.

    • PetCLOUD provides your pet with an online profile where you are able to store your pet’s identity, veterinary information, vaccination records, pet insurance information, emergency contacts, city registration, and upload important documents. Within this system, should your pet become lost, you have immediate access to downloading a pre-filled Lost poster with the click of a button.


    • PawPinner provides your pet with an innovative pet tag with a unique QR code correlated with your pet’s online profile information. Should your pet become lost, the person who finds your pet can scan the code, access your pet’s profile online, or call our 24/7 Customer Service Hotline and provide the identification code on your pet’s tag. Through accessing your pet’s profile, your preferred contact information will be provided so that you can be notified and be reunited with your pet. Also, at the time your pet’s tag is scanned, you will receive a SMS text message with your pet’s GPS location. Imagine how convenient this will be if your pet becomes lost after veterinary office hours and there is no facility open to scan your pet for a microchip or the microchip has moved. PawPinner was created to fill the gaps during the time that a microchip is non-useful.



One main goal of Pin Paws is to decrease the amount of time you are disconnected from your pet and get them home faster should they become lost.



Pet Assure is the largest pet discount plan, making pet care more affordable with a 25% discount card for medical treatment provided by in-network veterinarians. Medical treatment costs continue to rise along with higher-quality treatments. Pet Assure eases the pain of high-priced vet bills, accepted by thousands of veterinary clinics across the country. How does it work: just show your card at the time of payment and get a flat 25% discount on ALL medical services. Pet Assure has no deductibles, no medical or age exclusions, and no waiting period.


Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This is up from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted.


whiskerDocs provides pet telehealth. Almost everyone can agree that your dog or cat is part of your family, and it can be scary when they don’t feel well. Whether your dog has gotten into something he shouldn’t have, or your cat is sleeping in unusual places, the veterinary team at whiskerDocs can help! You can currently call, chat and email, and will soon be able to use mobile messaging to speak to a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician to get the answers you need to decide what to do. They will be there to help in an average of 30 seconds or less! You can even review your pet’s history by visiting!


According to the American Pet Products Association, for 2018, it is estimated that $72.13 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.


Pin Paws Rx is a Prescription Savings Card to get discounts on prescriptions for the entire family, even pets. Accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide, your Prescription Savings Card can be used for brand-name and generic prescription medications not otherwise covered by insurance. Simply present your card at a participating pharmacy. It’s that easy.


With all pets in the household covered under one monthly membership of $24.95, we look forward to providing pet owners with an affordable way to dodge high-cost veterinary bills should their pet become sick or injured with Pet Assure. The use of Pin Paws will increase the chances of a pet being returned home, and allow pet owners to store important information online. whiskerDocs provides pet telehealth to help when they don’t feel well and Pin Paws Rx will assist in providing prescription medication discounts for all family members, pets included.


Daphyne Lovejoy

Daphyne Lovejoy has been the lead content writer for Pin Paws since 2017. She is passionate about providing pet owners with informative and fun pet facts, has volunteered for various pet rescues and has five 4-legged dogs of her own.