Be notified when someone finds your 4-legged friend!

Ever wanted to pin down those wandering paws? We all love our pets dearly, but due to modern day living a simple pet tag with a phone number isn’t enough.  As much as we love to give our four legged best friends as much freedom as possible, sometimes they can enjoy a little too much and disappear off much to our dismay! There’s no worse feeling than loosing your pet!  No more worrying, fretting or panicking – this system allows you to be notified almost immediately when your pet is found.

How Does it Work?

Innovative Pet Tag

Your best friend will sport a sleek and attractive Epoxy tag boasting a number of security features:

  • Ultra lightweight & quiet
  • Identification information for viewing pet profile
  • NFC Chip
  • 30mm in size

Scan, Type & Call

Track the pet easily with a few easy steps:

  • Scan QR Code with embedded pet profile URL.
  • Vist and enter pet id#
  • Call Pin Paws 24/7 toll free phone number


The pet owner receives an SMS message and email with GPS location of the pet the minute their profile is scanned or accessed online.