Lost Pet Notification & Information Stored in the Cloud

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Pin Paws is a unique, all-in-one notification and information retrieval system that was designed for loyal and loving pet owners.  The system is composed of two features: PetCLOUD and PawPINNER.

All of Your Pet’s Information in One Place

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PetCLOUD gives pet owners an efficient way to store all unique and important information about their beloved pet in one place. The online profile allows for storage of emergency contacts, veterinarian information, medical records, vaccinations, city registration, pet insurance, and much more. Another feature of PetCLOUD is the ability to quickly print a lost poster.

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Store Endless Information in PetCLOUD

Emergency Contacts

Easily store your contact information and additional emergency contacts who should be notified if your pet goes missing.


Store your pet’s veterinarian’s contact information in case you can not be reached.


Store medical conditions, allergies, medications or food preferences your pet may have.


Record and keep track of your pet’s vaccination dates.


Upload and organize your pet’s records. You can also share them via email with your veterinarian, pet sitter or day care center.

Easy Print Lost Poster

If your pet goes missing you can quickly print off a pre-designed lost poster with your pet’s details and your contact information.

Pet Insurance

Keep track of your pet’s insurance carrier and policy number for easy access.

City Registration

Keep track of your pet’s city registration date.

Be Notified When Someone Finds Your 4-Legged Friend!

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Pets receive a dynamic I.D. tag with a dedicated QR code that allows pet owners to be notified quicker when their missing pet has been found. When a lost pet’s tag is accessed, the pet’s PetCLOUD profile is displayed and the finder is able to use the resources provided to return the pet to its owner quicker. At the same time the tag is accessed, the owner receives an SMS text with the geo-location of their pet. The tag can be accessed by scanning the QR code, entering the pet’s I.D. number at www.pinpaws.com, or calling our 24/7 Lost Pet Hotline.

Try the Demo
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How Does Pin Paws Work?

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Dynamic Pet Tag

The lightweight 30mm Pin Paws tag has many unique features including a built-in NFC chip and your pets identification information all stored in the PetCloud.

Scan – Type – Call

The pet’s profile is accessed by scanning the QR code, online, or calling our 24/7 Customer Service Line.

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When the profile is accessed, the owner receives SMS & email notifications of their pet’s GEO location.

Choose Your Furry Friend’s Favorite Color!

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See What Others Are Saying About Pin Paws

Kristy Robbins
Kristy Robbins
“I have peace of mind knowing that Arnie is more likely to be returned if he gets lost.”
Micheal Cadiz
Micheal Cadiz
“My Pin Paws tag saved Duke’s life after he ran away at the dog park!”
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams
“We love the ability to store all of Axle’s medical documents in the cloud.”

Pin Paws Membership Pricing

Pin Paws

$999Per Month
  • $4.99/mo each additional pet
  • PetCloud
  • PawPinner
  • Dynamic Pet Tag

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pin Paws is a Cloud-based system which allows access to an online portal to store all your pet’s vital information including uploading veterinary records for easy access. In the event they become lost and are found, their information is accessed through a tag with a designated identification number and three ways to retrieve the owner or emergency contact when your pet is found.

Once you receive your fulfillment package in the mail, log onto the Pin Paws portal and click “Activate My Tag”.

Your monthly fee includes 24/7 online access to your pet’s profile, a tag (your choice of color) with a designated identification number to allow access to profile information in the event your pet becomes lost and is found.

Yes. The first pet’s membership is $9.99/month and each additional pet is $4.99/month. These prices are eligible for a discount with a coupon code.

If your pet loses their tag, log onto your Pin Paws dashboard and click the link “Tag Replacement”. Fill out the form and we will send you a new tag in the mail at no cost to you.

A microchip requires the found pet to be taken to a veterinary office with a particular scanner during business hours. Microchips have been known to move underneath the pet’s skin and may not be detectable. A GPS collar is limited in the distance the pet may travel and remain within range, in addition to the collar must be recharged to remain functional.

When a lost pet is found, their tag has an icon of a hand holding a phone which lets the finder know to scan the QR code, go online, or call Pin Paws to locate the owner.

You can add your pet’s profile picture, emergency contacts, veterinary, medical and vaccination data and any insurance, food preferences or additional information that would be vital shall your pet become lost and then found.

The owner has the option to provide their home address, any necessary phone numbers to emergency contacts and their veterinarian.

Yes. When you log into your dashboard, you will see a “Print Poster” link located on the bottom left below your pet’s photo. Click this link to print a Lost Pet poster with includes your information and pet’s picture.

You can always call the number on the back of the pet’s tag and provide us with the designated ID number. We will assist in contacting the owner as well and therefore increase the likelihood to reaching them, as a team effort.

As often as needed. It is important to keep your pet’s profile updated with the most current information to help with reunification.