Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

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Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Of all the holidays celebrated in the U.S., the Fourth of July is ranked high on the list of those jeopardizing pet safety. Not only are pets and their parents trying to beat the harsh temperatures of summer, this holiday adds a long list of [...]

Dog Paw Protection in the Winter

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Dog Paw Protection in the Winter As the cold rain with a possible wintery mix pelt down on my city, providing my family with furry dog paw protection is something that comes to mind. Big and small, paw pads are going to be exposed to the freezing, inclement weather. Aside from the instant [...]

What Happens To Your Pet If Something Happens To You?

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What is pet planning? I’ve often wondered, “If something were to happen to us, what are our pet protection options for our five dogs?” After recently experiencing the unexpected loss of a family [...]

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