The 411 on Choosing the Right Dog Bed

When choosing a bed for our dog, there are a few things to take into consideration. After all, we enjoy sleeping comfortable and should want the same for them. There are different shapes and sizes, cushy ones and flat ones. There are some that are elevated off the ground, and others that have a place for them to rest their head. So, how does one choose the right dog bed? Here are some pointers.


What to Look for When Choosing a Pooch Bed:

  1. Your pet’s dog bed needs are based on your pet’s health, age, and personality. For dogs that are older and have arthritis or a unique health issue, it is ideal to purchase them an orthopedic bed. This type of bed will promote a peaceful slumber for your beloved pet. There are various types of orthopedic dog beds for small pooches and others for large pooches. When considering your pet’s health, be mindful of any skin or other allergies they may have when determining what the bed will be made from. If your pet’s personality is that of a destructive one, reach for a bed that is super durable to avoid them giving the bed a stuffing showdown.


  1. Choosing the correct size for your pooch is important. At the very least, you do not want to purchase your pup a bed that is too small. Measure your dog from nose to tail while they are sleeping. Add 8 to 12 inches to determine the length or diameter of the bed you choose. If you are still unsure of what size to order, it is advised to round up. Take into consideration your pet’s height as well. Some beds allow easy access to step into and others require your pet to step up to ascend the bed. Make sure it is accessible to your four-legged friend.


  1. Your pooches snoozing posture also matters when choosing the right dog bed. Do they sleep in a ball? A bolster bed or cave dog beds are ideal for these pets and provide them with a greater sense of security. For pooches that sleep with their head resting on the edge, a lounger bed would be ideal for comfort. For all those big dogs who like to be all sprawled out, a large dog bed will allow them space to sleep most comfortably. Some pups have funny snoozing postures and sleep directly on their backs. Pet owners should be mindful of protecting their spine and select a bed with plenty of support. Also, would your dog be most comfortable with a heating or cooling bed? Heating dog beds are ideal for those who live in cooler climates and cooling dog beds are generally raised off the ground to allow air to circulate underneath them as a summer benefit. Ultimately, the type of dog bed that is best for your pooch can be determined by observing their sleeping behaviors, the climate, and their age or health issues.


  1. The material which fills a dog bed makes a big difference in the level of comfort for your pooch. Memory foam is a more sought-after filling by dog owners since they themselves tend to sleep on memory foam. It consists of thick chunks of whole foam. Cedar chips are an option for filling dog beds as they reduce dog smells however they can cause allergies and are not very comfortable. Recycled material can be used as in recycled soda bottles and shredded plastics. Cotton batting is commonly used for filling dog beds because it is cheap, however, it will not hold up the shape of the bed. Another option is shredded foam, however, this is a lesser quality than memory foam and does not provide adequate support.


  1. Depending on the type of fur your pet has and their behaviors can determine what type of outer covering your pet’s bed should have. There are four common materials used for dog bed covers: faux fur, polyester, microfiber, and suede. Faux fur provides a cuddly bed for your dog, promoting restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. Polyester and microfiber covers are comfy and easily removable to be washed. Suede is a less commonly used outer covering for dog beds because it can be more difficult to clean should your pet have an accident.


Best Dog Beds for Small Pooches according to

  1. Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed
  2. Grey Shark Bed
  3. Sheri OthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler
  4. Snoozer Luxury Cody Cave
  5. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge
  6. Blueberry Pet Premium Microsuede Bed

Best Dog Beds for Large Pooches according to

    1. Barkbox Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed
    2. Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
    3. Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge
    4. Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster Bed
    5. Hidden Valley Corner Bolster Dog Bed
    6. Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave

You now have the knowledge when it comes to selecting a dog bed for your beloved pooch. Happy Shopping!

Daphyne Lovejoy

Daphyne Lovejoy has been the lead content writer for Pin Paws since 2017. She is passionate about providing pet owners with informative and fun pet facts, has volunteered for various pet rescues and has five 4-legged dogs of her own.