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The Dynamic Duo: Microchip and Pin Paws Tag

“A microchip is only the first step of protection”, according to Home Again’s website. We here at Pin Paws encourage pet owners to get their pets microchipped. In fact, any pet you adopt from a shelter is going to be microchipped (and we promote Adopt, Don’t Shop). All five of our dogs are microchipped, however, we protect our dogs even further with what we call the Dynamic Duo: microchipping plus the best dog tags, Pin Paws tags. Pin Paws was created to serve as a secondary security blanket, providing pet owners a little more piece of mind when they walk into the backyard and see a hole dug under the fence and Brady is missing. When Brady is found, we work to quickly identify who his parents are, and get him home! Any day of the week, any time of day.


Although we promote that all pet dogs and cats be microchipped, we do believe there are a handful of downfalls.


To begin, there are some people who microchip their pet and put all their trust in that itty-bitty-microscopic chip that if their dog digs his way out of the backyard, he will be found by a good Samaritan, during business hours between Monday and Friday, where the vet is going to have the microchip scanner Brady needs, and Brady’s microchip is going to be sitting in the exact spot it was placed 6 years ago on top of his back between his shoulder blades. Good Luck With That! Yeah, that’s probably 75% of NOT how that fairy-tale story is going to go.


We believe that Pin Paws provides the best dog tags, so now let’s create our fairy-tail ending and see how this statement is true: The person that finds Brady is going to first look for a tag, and see the icon on Brady’s Pin Paws tag that shows to use their phone. Each tag provides information on the 3 ways to contact Brady’s owners right away!!! The way we interpret this fairy-tail is that Brady’s owners have signed up for our service and will have Brady home between the time of his great escape and Monday morning when the vet opens to scan his microchip. SIGN ME UP! In fact, sign up everyone we know that has a pup or cat, because we sure as heck know that if there’s a service out there that is going to save us from a weekend of worry and increasing wrinkles on our faces from all the ugly crying, then we are going to take advantage.


Here’s the rundown: there are two brands of microchips- Home Again and Avid. However, there are various manufacturers with no universal scanner that we are aware of. With Pin Paws, there are multiple immediate ways to contact the pet’s owner including scanning the QR code on the back, going to and entering the pet tag’s unique number, or calling Customer Service at 844 -PIN-PAWS (844) 746-7297 and providing us with the pet’s tag number for reunification.


Pin Paws provides your pet with a massive effort to locate their owner quickly and return them home. Any time of day. Any day of the week.


These are the reasons why we believe Pin Paws is one of the best dog tags you could have. So hop on the gravy train with us and utilize the Dynamic Duo.

Daphyne Lovejoy

Daphyne Lovejoy has been the lead content writer for Pin Paws since 2017. She is passionate about providing pet owners with informative and fun pet facts, has volunteered for various pet rescues and has five 4-legged dogs of her own.