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Workout for Dogs: Keeping Them Healthy

April is Canine Fitness Month.

With Spring here, and the weather beautiful, it’s a great time to explore a good workout for dogs. Also, April is Canine Fitness month, so it’s also an appropriate topic to dive into. Just like Fido would love to dive into a pool of water and fetch that glowing, yellow tennis ball, there are a ton of ways to provide a workout for dogs.

Benefits of Exercising Your Pup

There are several benefits to providing a workout for dogs that goes beyond the fact that it’s entertaining to watch your pup panting and slobbering because they are having so much fun. These benefits include:

  1. Promote Positive Mental Health & Stimulation
  2. Reduce Obnoxious Behavioral Problems
  3. Relieve Anxiety & Help Manage Stress
  4. Reduce the Risk of Obesity
  5. Increase Flexibility & Endurance
  6. Prevent Chronic Diseases
  7. Build A Strong Bond with Their Owner

Examples of a Great Workout for Dogs

  1. Take a Walk Be mindful of your pet’s age and health when heading out on walk. Also, early morning or late afternoons may prove better to avoid hot concrete or uncomfortable conditions when using a walk as a workout for dogs.
  2. Play Fetch Now, your pup must obviously be trained to bring back the item you throw (a ball, stick or stuffed animal perhaps), but playing fetch is a great workout for dogs and will get their heart rate up while keeping their weight down.
  3. Tug-of-War as long as your pet does not show aggressive behaviors, playing a game of tug-of-war is sure to stimulate them mentally, build a strong bond with the owner and ward off any pent-up anxiety with the release of endorphins.
  4. Offer a Kong Toy Invented in the 70’s, KONG toys are used as a puzzle and durable chew toy, offering entertainment and a workout for dogs, helping to minimize negative behaviors, according to their website.
  5. Swimming Activities if you’re a pet parent of a lab, you know that swimming is one of their favorite activities. On the other hand, Frenchie’s are unable to swim so it’s wise to know physical capabilities of your pet’s breed.
  6. Laser Toy– Our chocolate lab loved to follow a laser pointer all over the back patio and would be entertained for a half hour or so. This is an easy workout for dogs whose owners are unable to physically take their pup for walks or play fetch.

Activity Peculiarities

Not all dogs are created equal. Some pups have the speed of a sloth while others have that of a cheetah. Exercise activities for a dog should be between 30-60 minutes daily, with other significant things to take into account when making a workout for dogs. These include:

  1. Age a young pup is going to be ready for a longer stroll than an elderly dog.
  2. Breed a Pug is going to want to take things  a lot slower than a Dalmatian.
  3. Health a workout for dogs should complement their health condition.
  4. Weather make sure it’s not too hot/cold to protect their paws and well-being.

Remember, dogs get bored indoors, just as people do. They have the same mental health needs and exercise is important to extend their lives and promote good health. With a Pin Paws Plus or Pin Paws Pet Care membership owners receive access to our member’s only Wigglepon site to receive exclusive discounts on pet products and services. What better way to spoil your pet with playful toys, without paying full price? Oh, and if you’re looking for more information on how to engage a workout with dogs while improving your own personal health, I loved this blog by The Dog People ®.

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