Black and white dog sit in a car with a Pin Paws dynamic dog tag on his collar and a bandana around his neck

Many pet owners question the need for a dog tag when their pet is already microchipped. While microchipping is a crucial first step, it’s not the only measure to ensure your pet’s safety. At Pin Paws, we encourage pet owners to microchip their pets, but we also advocate for an additional layer of protection with the Pin Paws dynamic dog tag.

The Limitations of Microchipping

Microchipping has its downfalls. For instance, relying solely on a microchip means hoping that a good Samaritan finds your pet within business hours and has access to the correct scanner. Additionally, microchips can migrate from their original placement, making them harder to locate and scan.

Why Pin Paws Tags are Essential

The Pin Paws tag serves as a secondary security measure. In case your pet escapes, the person who finds them will likely look for a tag first. The Pin Paws tag offers immediate ways to contact the pet’s owner, including scanning a QR code, visiting, or calling our Lost Pet Hotline.

The Downfalls of Microchipping:

  • Limited by business hours and scanner availability
  • Potential for microchip migration

Benefits of Pin Paws Tag:

  • Immediate contact methods available
  • Works any day, any time

How Pin Paws Works

Pin Paws tags provide a quick and efficient way to reunite lost pets with their owners. With options like QR code scanning, website access, and a dedicated hotline, we ensure that your pet can be identified and returned home safely, bypassing the limitations of microchip scanning.

Choose the Dynamic Duo

Microchipping your pet is essential, but combining it with a Pin Paws dynamic dog tag ensures your pet has the best chance of being returned to you quickly. Join us in utilizing the Dynamic Duo to give your pets the protection they deserve.

For more information or to sign up for Pin Paws, visit our website or call our Member Services team at 844-PIN-PAWS (844) 746-7297.

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