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We welcome PetHonesty to our Wigglepon family.

It is our mission to provide our pet parents with access to member only discounts on healthy pet-centric services and products. PetHonesty has recently joined our portal and we are excited to have them aboard. So, what types of products does PetHonesty have to offer?


PetHonesty is a leader in the dog supplement industry. Their team operates in a 215,000 square-foot facility with their home office rooted in Austin, TX.  With over 75 years of combined manufacturing experience in the pet and animal health industry, PetHonesty’s team brings to the table expert product development, formulation and production.

A few of their safety and health standards include:

  • The Highest Safety Standards in The Industry
  • FDA registered facility in the U.S.A.
  • Follows all GMP guidelines and is SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 certified
  • APHIS-approved for multiple countries
  • NO cook heat method to maintain product quality
  • Zero use of chemicals, wheat or other negative ingredients


PetHonesty aims at targeting the main issues that pet parents face by using hand-picked fruits, superfoods and dog specific probiotics. They focus on creating dog chews that provide the tastiest and easiest way to improve a pup’s health and immune system. Each supplemental treat is designed to target each canine’s specific needs.

Supplemental chew categories offered include:

  • AllergyAllergyImmunity Chews contain bovine colostrum to help canines beat allergies and live an infection-free life.
    • Improves immune system response
    • Contributes to a healthier digestive tract for better immunity to disease
    • Helps alleviate seasonal allergies
    • Improves skin allergies
  • BladderCranBladder Chews improve kidney and bladder function.
    • Improve bladder strength
    • Help cure and prevent future UTIs or bladder infections
    • Balanced pH levels
    • Boosted immune system
    • Premium ingredients, no preservatives
  • DigestiveProbiotic Chews promote health digestion and intestinal health keeping pups regular, happy and healthy.
    • Supports health digestion for sensitive stomachs
    • Reduces stomach pain, throwing up, diarrhea and an upset stomach
    • Keeps GI tract activity regular
    • Heals unhealthy gut walls that contribute to a dog’s health issues and sickness
    • Enables nutrients from food to be absorbed more easily
    • Improves your dog’s health and immune system function
  • HempHemp Mobility Soft Chews an effective and delicious way to keep your pet healthy, active, and pain-free.
    • Features FIVE of the most effective and powerful all-natural ingredients for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects:
        • Glucosamine
        • MSM
        • Turmeric
        • Green Lipped Mussels
        • Hemp Oil and Powder
  • ImmunityTurmericCurcumin Chews easy and tasty way to give your dog that extra boost their immune system needs.
    • Helps decrease inflammation and improve joint mobility
    • Decreases likelihood of cellular mutation and degeneration
    • Fights free radicals with antioxidants
    • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Skin + CoatOmegaSalmon Chews help reduce shedding, improves itchy/dry skin, and makes your dog’s coat shine.
    • Additional benefits: joint protection, improved immunity, and brain function support
    • Made using sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Salmon, Kelp, Vitamin E, and DHA.
    • Each chew contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

With free shipping within the U.S. and 110% money back guarantee, PetHonesty provides dog parents with dietary supplements specific for the ailments they are facing. Wigglepon members have access to an exclusive discount code to save on products purchased from the PetHonesty website.

Sign up for a Pin Paws Plus membership today to become a Wigglepon member. Also, contact us to learn how to add Pin Paws and our Wigglepon program to your list of available value-added benefits to share these discounts with your members.

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